Harmonic Filters

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Harmonic Filters. Our offered Harmonic Filters are used to reduce the harmonic distortion caused by appliances. Harmonics are currents and voltages that are constant multiples of the fundamental frequency. Harmonic currents offer power that cannot be used and also takes up electrical system capacity. Large quantities of harmonics can direct to malfunctioning of the system that increase in operating costs and results in downtime.

Increase in use of Non-Linear Load produces the harmonics and pollute the electrical system. Particular machine / load contribute the harmonics in system, to compensate such cases individual capacitor reactor named as 'HARMONIC FILTER UNIT' need to install across such load / machine. SUDHAN provides detuned and tuned harmonic filter solutions as per requirement.

We offer our best design to reduce the Harmonic levels within limit as per IEEE 519 - 1992 with our field proven experience.

Combination of active and passive harmonic filter units as per site requirement can be provided for better performance and economical solution.

Features :
Precisely Engineered
Easy Installation
Load Balancing Capability

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