HT Capacitors - High Tension Capacitors

We are widely applauded by our clients for the excellence our team has shown in providing the best5 quality High Tension Capacitor in the industry. A capacitor is a condenser, passive two-terminal electrical component that is used to store energy electro statically in an electric field. These products are used in high tension transformers and lines and are known for their optimum performance. These products owing to their quality have curved a niche for themselves.

"SUDHAN" make HT capacitors are manufactured from high quality BOPP film as dielectric and high purity AL foil as electrode. Capacitor consist no. of element in series / parallel with / without fuses. Elements are made with 'Edge folding, extended foil design and firm edge soldering' to improve its life. Impregnation with NPCB oil will help to work capacitor under normal condition without excess heating for indoor / outdoor applications.

HT Capacitors
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: As per requirement
: 1.1 KV to 15 KV
: Up to 22 KV
: Single or Three Phases
: Star or Delta
: 50 / 60 HZ
: Fuses (I/E)
: Vertical / Horizontal
: Discharge resistor fitted internally
: Indoor / Outdoor

Features of HT Capacitors :
• Very low capacitor loss design
• High current handling capability
• Very strong & Economical Design
• High Temperature withstand capacity with no change in output
• Excellent performance
• Easy handling & suitable mounting
• High Dielectric Strength
• Complete capacitor bank with suitable associated equipment’s on request.